Mois: juin 2013

Lina Boudreau

où mène le vent…

Tire le coyote

artisan du folk country

Lessons Learned: Dallas Good’s songwriting tips

Try not to rhyme love with love more than once a song.

Étienne Drapeau : avancer dans l’adversité

un artiste qui carbure aux défi

Kris Dirksen and Methodic Doubt

Branching out from movie trailers to full soundtracks

Rising star Lindi Ortega

Move to Nashville influences her songwriting

Irvin Blais: le phénomène country

country que t’aimes

The Sadies both transcend and celebrate their heritage

Country-music heirs make a family album

Sous les projecteurs: The Coppertone

“As soon as my young ears heard John Lee Hooker’s ‘Boo...

What an artist manager does, and what to look for in finding one

“Many musicians have unrealistic notions about how their c...

The Tom Fun Orchestra

The more the merrier for band songwriter Ian MacDougall

Hôtel Morphée : histoire de famille

Ce qui est attirant, ce sont les gens qui prennent des risqu...

Lessons Learned: Brian King of Japandroids

Number One, never tour Canada in the winter. Don’t do it.

Jérôme Charlebois

se faire un prénom flambant neuf

Sous les projecteurs: The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer

Not a travelling carnival show.

Don’t call it miscegenation

K-OS crosses musical boundaries with BLack on BLonde

Canadian Classics: Metal Queen (1984)

Written by Lee Aaron and George Bernhardt. Published by Abov...

Sous les projecteurs: Gypsophilia

Wild swing of gypsy jazz, with a modern twist.

Caïman Fu : longue distance

Un drôle d’animal

Boogat : invitation au grand bal

Il y a plein de choses, qui normalement ne devraient pas all...