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Chris Kirby is a singer-songwriter/keyboard player from Newfoundland. Purveying his uniquely modern take on blues/R&B, he released his first album Rum & Religion in 2006. It soon found regular rotation on CBC and hit No. 1 on the radio show East Coast Countdown. Since then he’s released two more, Vampire Hotel (2009) and a solo acoustic record, Sounds Like Wednesday (2010), the latter taking home the Music Newfoundland Jazz/Blues Album of the Year for 2011. Kirby’s newest album, Wonderizer, is set to drop in 2012.

“It had been in the works a very long time,” says Kirby. « I produced the record myself, and I took great care to make sure my first effort producing my own band [The Marquee] was the best it could be. I’m proud to say it was worth the wait.”