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Shawn Hook (formerly Hlookoff) is a seriously talented guy. At 27, the former resident of Nelson, B.C. is already an accomplished songwriter, producer and musician. He has seen his songs appear on hit national TV shows, he runs his own charitable organization (called Live 2 Give), and he even held a Guinness World Record (for standing on an exercise ball for the longest time). What could be next?

“I still have the dream and the passion that I had when I first started playing music” says Hook. “It’s always been to create music and engage a global audience, just like the bands and artists I looked up to as a kid”.

He is currently working with producer Jon Levine (Philosopher Kings, Nelly Furtado, Esthero) on his first full-length album, entitled Cosmonaut And The Girl. Featuring the lead single “Every Red Light,” the album is due out in the New Year. Expect big things from Shawn Hook.