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Living in places as diverse as Toronto, Montreal, Honolulu and Vancouver, Dirty Beaches (a.k.a. Taiwanese-Canadian Alex Zhang-Hungtai) has sculpted his distinctive sound and mysterious persona over several years. Now he’s attracting lots of attention for his strange, cinematic brand of experimental rockabilly and exciting live performances. Zhang-Hungtai crafts distorted soundscapes using just his voice, electric guitar and loops and samples. He released his debut full-length, Badlands, this year to a flood of praise from peers and critics, including pitchfork.com. Dirty Beaches has become one of the most talked-about artists at festivals like SXSW and NXNE. It took time for people to catch on to his music, but, as Zhang-Hungtai says, “The hard work did pay off. I would meet like-minded people on the road who were really supportive of what I do.” He undertook a month-long European tour this summer, and will record a new album this winter.