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Things seem to be getting very big, very fast, for Regina’s Library Voices. Just don’t ask how many members they have. “It’s strange,” says singer Michael Dawson, who fronts the current eight-piece pop collective. “The first question in every interview is always about the size of the band. Truthfully, it’s never been much of an issue.” It’s a wonder they don’t need more members, what with their catchy, anthemic songs brimming with guitars, synths, organs, accordions, brass, strings, theremin and all manner of strange electronics. “At this point we’ve got it down to a science. Not a hard science like chemistry — it’s a little looser. More like alchemy.” Over the past two years they’ve cropped up in both Canadian and U.S. publications —The New Yorker gave them a mention and SPIN called them an “undiscovered band you need to hear now.” Their debut full-length CD, Denim on Denim, is getting a great reception, and they’ll be touring Canada starting in September.