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Already riding a wave of buzz, Wake Owl, a Vancouver indie-folk outfit helmed by singer-songwriter Colyn Cameron, looks ready to take off.

Cameron was born in Berkeley, California, and as a teenager relocated to Vancouver. After earning a degree in organic agriculture, he worked on farms in the U.K., Europe and South America. Returning to Vancouver last fall, he crafted the songs that became his first EP, Wild Country.

“This is definitely not my first batch of songs,” Cameron says. “But they are the first songs I really put out there and fully had my heart behind.”

An immediate hit with critics and fans, Cameron soon formed a backup band and hit the road with the likes of Zeus and Bahamas, and recently had a song featured in Grey’s Anatomy. He also signed a worldwide distribution deal with Vagrant Records and Rezolute/Universal in Canada.
With a U.S. tour set for spring 2013, it looks like this owl’s taking flight.